specializes in the planning and design of dental offices. Each year, we are involved in the creation of hundreds of dental offices, as well as combined medical/dental healthcare facilities and teaching institutions throughout North America.

Founded in 1985 to service former Canadian dental distributor Healthco, the NPTeam became the first company in the Canadian dental industry to use computer-assisted design for its dental office projects.

In order to improve the clarity and readability of plans, the National Planning Team developed its own graphic standards and design software. This technology became a trademark of the National Planning Team, and is now recognized worldwide as offering the best in dental office planning.

In 1993, the NPTeam became a private company. Since then it has serviced customers in all ten Canadian provinces and territories, in 16 U.S. states and in more than 14 countries worldwide.

In 33 years of existence, The National Planning Team has designed more than 24,000,000 square feet of dental office space !

are firm believers in the idea that "form follows function," so our designs always prioritize the work being done in the dental office. The ergonomics of the work environment, including fluidity and ease of circulation and efficiency of workstations, are critical to the layout of a modern dental office.

Our team has dealt with thousands of planning projects that have each demanded unique, innovative solutions. Our goal is always to provide a functional, profitable, and inviting environment for the well-being of practitioners, staff, and patients.