The NPTeam is here to help you design your new dental office. From classic layout plans to the full 3D experience, from installation plans to interior design, the NPTeam offers services for every aspect of your dental office design. Please contact us for more information about how we can help make your vision a reality.
Our 3D X-Press plan helps you visualize your new or refurbished dental office with an emphasis on your new dental equipment, your reception, or any other specific area that requires your attention.

With 3D X-Press, you will receive full colour 3D plans both in print and online.
Our 3D Zoom plan allows you to see very specific areas within your dental office or outside views of the storefront (or even the whole building).

You will receive full colour 3D plans both in print and online.
Our 3D Pro plan is the most comprehensive overview of your future dental office available.

This animated DVD presentation shows you an impressive room-by-room virtual visit of the space where you and your team will be working.
This full-colour preliminary plan is our trademark. Pioneered by the most experienced senior designers that specialize exclusively in dental office planning and design, this plan is easy for anybody to read and understand.
Our Dental Equipment Installation Plans (Technical Plans) are what you need to begin work on your new dental office.

They provide the technical specifications, including manufacturer specs & templates, for your dental equipment.
Millwork Drawings are used to build permanent fixtures like cabinets and furniture. The NPTeam will design cabinets for your laboratory and staff rooms, desks and bookcases for your consultation rooms and private offices, waiting area tables and consoles, as well as any other fixture requirements you may have (excluding dental and sterilization cabinets).
The reception desk is the first thing patients see when they enter your dental office.

The NPTeam provides creative design and precise millwork drawings for your new reception desk, as well as a realistic 3D rendering that will allow you to accurately envision the new desk within your reception area.
Our interior design consultation will provide the finishing touches to your dental office. The NPTeam will assist you in the design of your dental office by providing samples and options for colours and materials, interior finishes, lighting, furniture and other fixtures, and so on. You will receive a colour board as well as a Millwork plan, lighting plan, and a plan for finishes.
Forms specific to certain provinces, territories, and states
These application forms and plans are used to obtain written approval for the project from the Province of Ontario, in accordance with the regulations of the HARP Act.

They are submitted to the X-ray Inspection Service (XRIS) to confirm radiation safety and equipment registration in Ontario.
This plan is required to obtain a construction permit in the Province of Ontario. We must ensure that our plans meet the standards set by the Ontario Building Code Act and its regulations.
This form outlines Nonresidential Energy Code requirements for building projects in the State of Washington. We provide plans and forms for application.