Trust NPTeam's spectacular 3D images to provide a clear vision of your dental office project

Because ''seeing Is believing'', the NPTeam provides the customer with stunning 3D renderings and samples to help them better visualize the design. This will confirm what the final layouts will resemble.

It’s not everyone who can “read and understand” a space when it is shown only as a 2D plan. This is why 3D has become the go-to solution to fully comprehend what one is actually looking at.

Any 2D plan produced by the NPTeam includes a 3D plan by default.

Since 2003, Patterson Dental Canada National Planning Team has been the pioneer in the use of 3D technology to design dental offices in North America. Their innovative approach simplifies decision-making for dental professionals, making them the preferred choice for workspace design.

Look at the samples below to witness how much a 3D model can improve the understanding of any 2D plan.