Although we have been providing dental design services for many years, receiving a testimonial is always a rewarding experience. Please take a moment to read some of the testimonials below.

"What a wonderful job on this plan. It was a very difficult site to measure and you did a great job incorporating the columns and pillars. Thanks for a really fast, well done rendition."

A.R., Toronto
"Hello, and thank you! It is a pleasure to collaborate with you! Your site and online plans are extraordinary! I love the reception and waiting areas of the Expression clinic!"

Dr. C.R., Quebec, QC
“Thanks for your patience and co-operation - hope you are enjoying this as much as we/dentists are. We find your suggestions and co-operation to be invaluable and will result in a much improved facility. Regards”

G. R., Dental Office Manager, AB
Hi NPTeam, You probably do not remember me. You helped to design my orthodontic office last fall. I wish to tell you that the office is now operational and your design was fabulous. We are really thankful of your excellent idea! Many thanks.

Dr. E. L., BSc, MSc, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C) | Orthodontist
“After viewing plans and graphics that you sent me I was speechless...Coming from a family of dentists, I have seen my share of office plans...but I and everyone in my family agrees that these plans are the most unique, visually expressive and deserving of the highest mention that can be made.”

Dr. V. N., Oshawa ON
“I will have no reservation in recommending your expert service to my colleagues if they are seeking to pursue a similar venture in their future. We will send you the pics soon...and again thank you for all your insight, design and kindness...”

Dr. N., ON
“Dr. C. and his staff were thrilled today when we sat down, had pizza and pop, and watched the 3D tour of their office!! They told me to tell you that they absolutely loved it!!

Patterson Dental Sales Rep., Grand Bay, NB
“Great work, thank you so much! Dr. L. was VERY happy with the plans and the speed at which you worked for her. She is very appreciative. Thank you again!"

J. G., Equipment Specialist Patterson Dental, Ottawa, ON
“I want to thank you for the cooperation and speed which you produced a set of plans for Dr.C. This was a significant point that convinced the client to do business with us"

Patterson Dental Sales Rep., Saint John, NB
"Your plans were about 150 times better than what we got from the other company."

Moncton, NB
"By the way, the 3D plans are absolutely stunning and unbelievable!"

Toronto, ON
"Thank you for the beautiful Preliminary Plan."

Toronto, ON
“Hi L., what a very nice use of existing space. Great job. Thank you!”

Dr. K. Toronto, ON
“Awesome C.! I’m impressed! Thanks again for your great work! Very Best Regards,

D.W., Vancouver, BC
“Hi G., Thank you for your prompt help and excellent service and expertise.”

Dr. J.P.S. Fort Erie, ON
"Special thanks to you and your team for the accelerated technical plans. Please share with everyone deserving. My thanks is most genuine."

T. C., Equipment Specialist, Portland, OR
"I have reviewed the design, wonderful job! I like it."

Winnipeg, MB
“Everything looks good G. You did a great job and thank you! Best Regards,”

Dr. S. M., Toronto, ON
“All too often we forget, or never get the chance to thank the people that make our work easier, and help us look good in the field. That's why I am writing this letter to thank and to praise your planning dept. They understand my crazy requests, and come through with great plans every time. I always get fantastic compliments from the clients about your plans. "

Patterson Dental Sales Rep., Windsor, ON
“Good Morning L, It was nice to talk to you yesterday, please find the attached floor plan for the dental clinic that is planning to be opened very soon. As I told you that my friend did her design with Patterson after she finds the Patterson one is the best compared with other dental companies. As we discussed yesterday what I need to be in this 1406 SF is as follows…”

Dr. S.K. Toronto, ON
“I collaborated with my Patterson rep and his excellent National Planning team to design an office that perfectly reflects my style and personality. My needs for a modern dental office have been fulfilled. The aesthetics and ergonomic design of the space is inspiring, and I absolutely love coming into my office every day, thanks to Team Patterson. My Patterson rep, M. S., was especially instrumental in helping me navigate the whole process, from Vision to Design to Construction. I valued his experience in identifying the right equipment to help me execute the dentistry I love to do!”

Dr. C. B. Toronto, ON
“A! You are a magician. Seriously, you are a super expert. Thanks for your patience and passion. Sent from my iPhone”

Dr. R. S. Toronto, ON
“Thank you A., That looks really amazing! They all look really amazing! I’ll be in touch! ”

L.M. Calgary, AB
“Ohhhh wow!!! So beautiful. Is this a concept drawing? I was expecting it to be black and white. I am blown away. Just beautiful Kindest regards”

M. S. Victoria, BC
“We started the process with Patterson Dental and soon found out why the National Planning Team is so great. They did a fantastic job from making two large concrete columns disappear, helping with a very odd-shaped space, to providing us with very detailed technical plans which allowed for an accurate tendering process- we came under Budget!”

Dr. K.P., Fredericton NB
"My wife and I want to tell you how much we appreciated what you did for us, squeezing us into your schedule and the Great job you did designing our office (everyone I show it to, loves it!). It's nice to deal with such a professional organization."

Antigonish, NS
“That is a fantastic design! Thanks!”

S.C. London, ON
“By the way, fabulous plan as usual. Pass on my thanks to those involved in this and also Dr. H.’s drawings."

D. C., Patterson Dental Sales Rep., London, ON
“This work is fantastic, so much that my client has referred another orthodontist friend for us to design an office this fall. Thanks for the hard creative work."

Patterson Dental Sales Rep., Toronto, ON
"You are the BEST!!!.......And fastest. I never would suggest that you do less than amazing work in the most narrow of timeframes. Great work...again so speedy!"

Patterson Dental Branch Manager, Toronto, ON
“So far I have been very impressed with your set-up.”

Dr. E.L.K., Calgary AB
“I just wanted to thank you and your team for your expedient efforts in drafting my floor plans.”

Drs. S. & T. H., Ottawa ON
"Everything went well. Installation was easy to do. Plans were perfect, I wanted to let you know! Thank you again."

Dr. L.L., Cheneville, QC
"I found the NPTeam website to be very informative and the pictures/images are excellent. You offer a great look into what you can achieve."

Comment received on NPTeam website
“This looks great! Thank you!”

S. W. Toronto, ON
“Great work, thank you so much! Dr. L. was VERY happy with the plans and the speed at which you worked for her. She is very appreciative. Thank you again!"

J. G., Equipment Specialist Patterson Dental, Ottawa, ON
“Hi A., what an awesome job of getting a 5th op into this space. I thought 4 was the max, but that’s why you’re the designer. Thanks A. Great job !

A.R. Toronto, ON
“On our 3D Creative Service. I am so amazed by what you were able to do here in the time you had to work with. We will be doing a 12 op variant of this plan soon... but you will not have to work within the same crazy time frame for that one. This is so great, and I am so thankful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! "

J. L., Equipment Specialist, Grand Rapids, MI
"Our gratitude for the wonderful service you provide with the National Planning Team in providing a floor plan and sets of blueprints that suits our individual needs.Well, you did it! We are very pleased with all of your assistance in getting this new location up and running in such a short amount of time. Others said it couldn't be done but you all pulled it off with flying colours!"

Sarnia, ON
“Plan looks very nice. It flows very well.”

Dr. D.P., London, ON
"I was truly blown away by the 3D illustrations that the team created for my renovation project."

Dr. D.P. Tracadie-Sheila, NB
"Just a short note to say thanks for the quick return on Dr.S. plan"

Patterson Dental Sales Rep., Edmonton, AB
"Thank you so much for your prompt & thorough work! My customer was blown away by the efficient service you gave..."

Patterson Dental Sales Rep., Toronto, ON
"I spoke with Dr. T. this morning and he told me your plans were the best plans ever done for him."

Equipment Specialist, Patterson Dental, Chicago, IL
"Wow, guys are good!...And so fast! Thanks for getting this back to me so quickly."

C. N., Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist, Seattle, Washington
“Hello G., Thank you very much for your email. Thank you for updating the floor plan. It is to my satisfaction. Your attention to detail is impeccable and you have included all the design elements that we requested. Thank you very much.”

Dr. S. S. Halifax, NS
“Thank you, They are looking excellent, I know these plans are an important collaboration for the organization. As Christians we thank your generous help on our goal to serve these communities in need. I will be sending photos as soon as possible of the progress of the project. God bless your noble heart. Again thank you.”

Dr. A. M., Guatemala
“First I would like to thank you all for expediting the Mechanical drawings that G. especially did an exemplary job with, and completed in a timely fashion for R., J. and I, that is very much appreciated.”

Dr. J.V., Toronto, ON
"Just reviewing the awesome plans…...Love them!"

J.C., RDH, Burlington, ON
"I enjoy your creativity and enthusiasm. Thanks for all that you do!"

London, ON
"It's work from people like you that make our work easier and more productive. Hats off!

Hamilton, ON
"Our client is very appreciative for your congenial outlook and attitude to serve them."

Patterson Dental Sales Rep., London, ON
Hi A. ,
I think we've reached the final product, we love it :).
A HUGE thank you for your speed, your professionalism, your great patience :), and the quality of the work.

Looking forward,

Dr. C.D., Grand-Mère, QC
“Hi C., I wanted to say how nice and detailed your work is! Beautiful design and really appreciate how interactive everything is! Have a great weekend!

M.C. Edmonton, AB
“Incredible A.! Thank you very much for this. Looks awesome."

F.C. Patterson Dental Sales Representative, Toronto, ON
“Just wanted to tell you about a customer that came in to see me in regards to building a new office. She had met with another dealer before the holidays to do measurements and prelim design of her new clinic. After meeting with us last week, she told me that she was so impressed with how professional, humble and sincere she found us to be. She went on to tell me that after 5 weeks of working with the other dealer, they couldn't manage to come up with a preliminary plan that she liked. BTW....She happened to love the first preliminary plan we presented her. (Thanks A.) I want to extend my thanks to the entire design team.” Keep up the great work NP Team!!!! You ROK!

P.A., Equipment Specialist, Toronto, ON
On LinkedIn: “C.L. The pride you and your team take in your work is truly inspiring. Truly the best dental office design team in the business.”

G.C., Equipment Specialist, Patterson Dental, Toronto
“Hi. This plan is amazing. Thank you. Really appreciate it.”

D.P. Vancouver, BC
“Hi. Two great plans. Very creative. Thank you.”

D.L. Toronto, ON
"Great work, this is amazing. Thanks."

D. B., Equipment Specialist, Patterson Dental, Halifax, NS
“Hey Everyone at NPT, A., “nailed it “ , this was an awesome drawing; you hit all the points asked for by Doctor C. When I did my presentation he was very impressed and is ready to move forward.”

T.S. Sales Representative, Toronto, ON
“Good Morning L, It was nice to talk to you yesterday, please find the attached floor plan for the dental clinic that is planning to be opened very soon. As I told you that my friend did her design with Patterson after she finds the Patterson one is the best compared with other dental companies. As we discussed yesterday what I need to be in this 1406 SF is as follows…”

Dr. S.K. Toronto, ON
“Hi E., I am so impressed at the efficiency of your team. It took 3 days and G. has given me 2 versions already. I like the general flow of the office better. I will touch base you know next week. Have a great weekend!

Dr. P.W. Toronto, ON
“You do a lot beyond the drawing that differentiates yourselves.”

Equipment Specialist, Patterson Dental, Salt Lake City, UT
"Thanks for being so special & sharing your time and expertise with my clients."

C. M., Patterson Dental Sales Rep., Dartmouth, NS
“Thank you very much A.!!!! Wow!! That's more than a very quick turnaround time!!!!! What exceptional service!!!!”

L.C. Quebec City, QC
“Thanks so much C., I really need it sooner than later because of the lease I am signing, and mind you, your layout is the only reason I chose your company over H. S. All the best.”

Dr. Z.N., Toronto, ON
“A., Well , you and P. have outdone yourselves. I have never had a customer comes to tears over a plan. Dr. K. loved the latest with the centre island.”

D.T. Sales Representative, Toronto, ON
“I think that looks amazing A.! Thank you !

L.M. Calgary, AB
“Hello L., The plan and your site are great! Thank You!

G. B., Hamilton, ON
“Wow, these interactive plans are very cool!! Good job!”

P.C., Quebec City, QC