Imagine seeing your dream dental office before it's built

The ''Virtual Reality Walkthroughs'' from Patterson Dental NPTeam will drive you around a floor layout, enabling you to explore its various perspectives in 3D visual representation. This will enable you to see your dream dental office before it is built.

If you want to ensure that you make the right choices and the best decisions regarding the planning and design of your future workspace, ask for this stunning special visit in the design stage of your project. You can do just that!


  • You can do a full 3D visit to better visualize your future environment.
  • No technical skill is required. This is a guided tour, where all your attention is on what you see.
  • A better understanding of the building’s workflow.
  • A first-person camera view, as if you were walking the site.
Trust NPTeam's spectacular 3D images to provide a clear vision of your dental office project. Since 2003, Patterson Dental Canada National Planning Team has been the pioneer in using 3D technology to design dental offices in North America. Their innovative approach simplifies decision-making for dental professionals, making them the preferred choice for workspace design.

You can try it yourself on the samples above and below.