Welcome to the Archives Gallery tour!

We are pleased to present to you a collection of sample drawings from our past projects accomplished by the NPTeam throughout the years. To access the gallery, simply click on the icons provided below. Each icon represents a unique component of our archives, such as the 2D Plans, 3D Plans and Models, Themes & Styles, and Reception Desk sections.

We hope you will have a delightful and informative visit.
Themes and Styles
Our team of professional designers has created a variety of dental office decor concepts, each based on a different theme or style. We've incorporated the influence of famous architects, designers, and artists while adding our own creative touch.

Each dental office has its own unique personality, and yours can too!

As you browse through our selection of designs, we encourage you to consider what theme would best fit your practice. Our National Planning Team designers are available to assist you in finding the perfect design solution that matches your practice and personality.
2D Plans
Discover the exceptional 2D plans created by the National Planning Team for dental offices. These plans have been acknowledged worldwide for their excellence. Our previous projects showcase our proficiency in designing and planning dental offices to provide optimum solutions.

To have the perfect dental office tailored to your needs, approach your Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist or Sales Representative and inquire about the National Planning Team's services.
3D Visual (Plans & Models)
Experience the unparalleled benefits of the National Planning Team's 3D visual representation to bring your dental office vision to life. With Patterson Dental's National Planning Team, you can witness your future workspace in stunning 3D and make informed decisions before construction even begins.

Trust the expertly designed 3D images of your dental office project by the NPTeam and see why dental professionals have relied on Patterson Dental for their workspace planning and design needs.

As pioneers in 3D technology for dental office design in North America, the NPTeam has been at the forefront of this technology since 2003. Count on us to continually innovate and simplify decision-making for dental professionals.
Front Desk
When patients step into your dental office, the reception desk is the first thing they see. It is important that the desk is welcoming, professional, and meets healthcare facility standards.

The Patterson Dental NPTeam can assist you with designing and creating a new reception desk. They will provide creative designs, as well as a realistic 3D rendering to help you envision the desk before it is built.
From 2D to 3D
Have you ever wondered what your 2D plan would look like in a stunning 3D drawing?

Look no further than the NPTeam professional designers at Patterson Dental. They can transform your dental office design into a breathtaking 3D visualization.

Trust in their expertise to create a future dental office that exceeds your expectations.