At NPTeam, We Take Your Safety Seriously

To ensure protection from the harmful effects of X-ray equipment, our registered X-ray Safety Officers (XSO) can provide the necessary shielding calculations.

Exposure to X-rays can lead to cancer, genetic damage, and tissue damage, and can even cause developmental defects in unborn children. (The same can be said for external gamma radiation exposure and internal alpha/beta particle radiation exposure from the inhalation/ingestion of NORM or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.)

In Ontario, it is required that all dental X-ray machines be registered by the owner, and new installations must be approved by the Director of X-ray Safety with the X-ray Inspection Service (XRIS) of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This plan approval ensures the safety of both patients and staff from unnecessary radiation exposure.

If a dentist wishes to install a new dental X-ray machine, replace an existing one, or make changes to the installation, they must first receive written approval from XRIS. They must submit a plan of the dental office layout, along with additional forms and information. Our in-house X-ray Safety Officers (XSO) will indicate on the schematic plan and describe on the application forms the specific location and amount of shielding requirements needed for approval by XRIS.

Our calculations, applications, and plans are all created according to the Province of Ontario specifications, which are the most rigorous in Canada. They can also be applied to other provinces' requirements.

To register and approve your dental office X-ray units for safe use, request an X-ray plan and application submission from us. Click here to contact us.